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March 23 2017

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March 16 2017

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March 04 2017

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February 24 2017

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February 15 2017

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July 05 2015

Star Trek: The Original Series :
  • "Heisenberg compensators" are used to explain how transporters work in spite of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.
  • Someone asked Star Trek scientific advisor Michael Okuda how the Heisenberg compensators worked. He replied, "They work very well, thank you."
TV Tropes: Lampshade Hanging
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June 30 2015

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June 26 2015

"For the Love of Spock" - A Documentary Film

by Adam Nimoy

... only 5 days left to make this Kickstarter project a success.

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June 18 2015

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June 16 2015

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Jon Stewart responds in the only logical way

June 15 2015

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June 09 2015

May 26 2015

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May 20 2015

Picard management tip: A visit to a less pleasant organization can remind you how much you value your current job.

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May 19 2015

do you ever see spoilers for a show you don’t watch anymore and just ...
#’glad i got outta that one’
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May 18 2015

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Now for the second in our series “The Q Laying ‘Bitch, Please’ Smackdowns on the Rest of the Universe”

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Star Trek if it were written by George R.R. Martin.

May 16 2015

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Voyager’s deflector dish makes me super happy because it really does make Voyager look excited about everything.


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