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December 07 2016

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Picard sings a Christmas Song
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November 09 2016

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October 13 2016

October 09 2016

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October 05 2016

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September 24 2016

September 12 2016

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September 09 2016

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September 08 2016

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Happy 50th Birthday
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August 27 2016


Friendship goals 

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August 23 2016

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August 18 2016

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August 10 2016

August 03 2016

June 19 2016

Green Sky Over Me
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April 18 2016

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March 29 2016

quietoceanlove: Be confident. Be yourself. Wear the red pants.

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March 28 2016

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March 25 2016

After 15 years, Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies) is returning to command the franchise that launched his career by showrunning CBS’ new Trek series.


“Bringing Star Trek back to television means returning it to its roots, and for years those roots flourished under Bryan’s devoted care,” he said. “His encyclopedic knowledge of Trek canon is surpassed only by his love for Gene Roddenberry’s optimistic future, a vision that continues to guide us as we explore strange new worlds.”

The new series will launch in early 2017 with a preview airing on CBS, and then will shift exclusively to CBS All Access as part of the company’s effort to bolster interest in its streaming service. 


The same year, Fuller said one idea would is to not have the show set on the Enterprise, but the U.S.S. Reliant, perhaps best known for being hijacked by Kahn in the franchise’s second feature film Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn. “I think let that be the movies and let that be their story. I would love to do something on the Reliant … I want Angela Bassett to be the captain, that’s who I would love to have, you know Captain Angela Bassett and First Officer Rosario Dawson. I would love to do that version of the show and but that’s in the future to be told.”

'Star Trek' TV series signs Bryan Fuller as showrunner | EW.com


here for that
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